Tooth Extractions

Jun 12 • 1 minute read

Tooth Extractions

 When teeth are infected, damaged or impacted, sometimes the only remedy is to extract them. After all preventive and restorative measures have been attempted by your dentist, extraction may be necessary to maintain the integrity of your oral health. 

There are four primary reasons for tooth extractions: infection, damage, impaction, and overcrowding.      

Infection-When a tooth is infected, typically people experience a severe toothache. Swelling and tenderness are symptoms of infection, as well as bad breath. If the infection is contained inside a tooth’s pulp, then the dentist will recommend root canal therapy to preserve the tooth. 

If this infection spreads in the gums, creating abscesses and infecting other teeth, extraction is necessary. Left untreated, an infection can access the bloodstream through the vascular gum tissues and begin circulating throughout the body, causing health complications like inflammation and potentially infecting vital organs. 

Damage-Sometimes teeth become brittle with age, or they may experience damage due to trauma such as an accident. Tooth fractures that extend to a tooth’s root are prone to infection and put neighboring teeth at risk. Deep fractures in a tooth’s root cannot be repaired, and extraction may be the best solution to protect your oral health.  

Impaction and Overcrowding-Probably the most common reason for tooth extraction is the removal of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth often cause overcrowding in the mouth, misaligning teeth and posing a particular threat to people undergoing orthodontic care. Wisdom teeth can thwart orthodontic treatment. 

Sometimes wisdom teeth also only partially erupt or remain impacted in the gums. This also can lead to periodontal infections.  Wisdom teeth do not contribute any vital function to your bite since your molars do most of your chewing.  

Call the Dental Office of Dr. Ely Hasany in Woodland Hills for Expert Tooth Extractions

If you are needing tooth extractions, give the professional and compassionate dental office of Ely Hasany a call. She provides outstanding care to people in Woodland Hills, Calabasas, and West Hills. With almost twenty years of dental experience and providing conscientious and quality care, she can give you a smile that radiates health and beauty. 

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